The RGV Wedding District

Hello! my name is Nancy Velazquez, happily married to the love of my life (25 yrs & counting!), mother of 3 amazing kids, an avid fan of photography, weddings, and couture; with an acute sense of design, and style. I can spot a great RE investment as well as a fake Louis Vuitton miles away! I am a Real Estate agent, investor, architectural photographer & stager, president of Gowns For A Cause, Owner of Poised Bridal, The Gypsy Bar, and the RGV Wedding District. I almost forgot, I am a bridal & editorial accessories designer, and yes! I helped Hila Aronian completing her bridal look when marrying Nicholas Cage's son Weston Cage Cappola in May 2018!

As a headpiece designer, I have had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with some of the world's top wedding industry professionals, our work has been featured on  Festival Brides, Green Wedding Shoes, The Knot, US Magazine, People, and many more. I have designed headpieces for celebrities, mega influencers, and regular amazing brides who wear my crowns all over the globe!

I have been in the wedding industry for years, and understand what is required to celebrate a wedding, some more successful than others!. 

I created the RGV Wedding District with couples in mind, I wanted to create an area where couples can choose their wedding vendors among the industries best professionals and get not only the best in price, service but get peace of mind.


At the #RGVWD each vendor is specially chosen for their dedication, passion, and commitment to their clients as wedding professionals. 

Of all days, a wedding day should be perfect!

We are working hard in creating a wedding vendor heaven! "The RGVWD" where every couple can "Have their Cake & Peace of Mind Too!"  

A place where wedding professionals are held to higher standards of what the valley is used to, it is time to step it up a notch or two and deliver our brides and grooms the best that they can possibly get and more!.

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How you can too plan a perfect wedding while getting peace of mind! 

"Wedding Insurance" protecting you from Wedding Roadblocks!